Chesterton on
dandelions & gratitude

Chesterton on dandelions & gratitude

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Today I’m reading you a text by the brilliant GK Chesterton, he of The Adventures of Father Brown and a great metaphysical thriller entitled The Man who was Thursday. Chesterton's prose and thought are dazzling, so you have to take it in little sips, often gasping with open mouth, because his mind is full of light and colours. The passage that I am going to read to you is from the last chapter of Chesterton’s Autobiography, and it talks about deep, transforming gratitude ... even for those little Dandelions that we blow and trample in the fields without ever paying them any attention or respect.


Music: Sihouette of Time's Idea, by Mid-Air Machine, from their album So We Telepathy: