When no one
listens to you

Misery, by Anton Chekhov

Friday, January 31, 2020

Do you ever feel so lonely and sad that you don't know where to turn? In moments like these, the best medicine the world can offer you is not money, sex or power, but love - a single compassionate person who'd be willing to listen to you. Today we read a moving story by Anton Chekhov that illustrates the anguished yearning we all sometimes have to speak to someone. The story is entitled Misery, and it takes us back to an old St. Petersburg covered in snow. Enjoy!


Written, recorded and presented by Gabriel Porras gabrielvoice.com radiantwhispers.com @artofvoicing Credits: Translated by Constance Cornett 1886 Adapted by Gabriel Porras Music: "Sihouette of Time's Idea", by Mid-Air Machine (freemusicarchive.org) “Broken”, by Forget Tomorrow (Artlist.io) “Don’t leave me now”, by New Beginning (Artlist.io)